Examples of Aquatic Injury Cases Handled by the Rodgers Law Firm That Have Resulted in Favorable Recoveries for Ben’s Clients

Infant Drowned in Babysitter’s Swimming Pool – Pool Owner Ignored Safety Recommendations Made By Pool Installer

Fort Worth, Texas

While the parents were on a trip, their 15-month-old infant son drowned in their baby sitter’s swimming pool. The sitter had kept the child on a regular basis before the drowning.

Documents obtained after suit was filed showed the pool owner did not follow the written safety recommendations provided by the swimming pool installer and signed for by the pool owner acknowledging the receipt of the written safety recommendations.

The pool owner did not child-proof the pool by buying relatively inexpensive safety devices such as a child-proof door lock on the kitchen door that opened into the swimming pool area or a pool alarm that would be triggered when any object weighing more than 10 pounds fell into the pool.