Examples of Spinal Cord Injury Cases Handled by the Rodgers Law Firm That Have Resulted in Favorable Recoveries for Ben’s Clients

Intersection Collision Causes Partial Paralysis and Loss of Bodily Functions – Delayed Onset of Symptoms for10 Months – Surgery 18 Months Later

Fort Worth, Texas

Witnesses said the other driver was traveling at least 50 mph when he ran a red light and collided with our client’s car. The force of the impact was so great that it spun her car completely around several times. Her car was a total loss.

She initially thought she was lucky to have only relatively minor bruises, soreness, and stiffness. Ten months later she visited her gynecologist complaining of continuing low back pain for the past week. The pain soon subsided, then returned, and began recurring on an intermittent basis.

Eight months later the symptoms had progressed to the point that she was experiencing numbness in her buttocks and perineum and acute urinary retention and constipation. The expert medical diagnosis was disc herniation in her low back resulting from the car accident 18 months before.

Back surgery was not able to repair the damage, and she was left permanently disabled, unable to continue working as a bank officer, with loss of feeling in her pelvic area that greatly affecting her marriage, and having to self-administer enemas and catheters.

The major medical issue in the case was to prove that the ten-month delay in onset of pain symptoms followed by the further delay in onset of numbness and loss of body functions triggering the surgery eight months later was causally related to the car wreck. We were able to do so.