A rapid response accident investigation that captures key evidence early on can make the difference in presenting a case that is believable to a jury and hard for the other side to deny  Click Here For Examples Of Rapid Investigation


Maximizing the Value of Your Injury Claim

A quick and diligent investigation of your claim ensures the attention necessary to build a strong case.  Ben and/or a member of his office will:

  • Come to you as soon as possible 24/7 to meet and start building your case – your home, hospital room, or other location of choice.
  • Take immediate steps to maximize the value of your case by commencing a thorough accident investigation and by capturing and preserving key evidence.
  • Send an investigator to the accident scene to take pictures and video.
  • Contact eye witnesses and take recorded audio or video statements.
  • If it is motor vehicle accident, contact investigating police officers and take recorded audio statements.
  • If a DWI is involved, contact the district attorney and request copies of the squad car cam videos showing the field sobriety test and the arrest, and the holding tank interview.
  • If OSHA, EPA or another governmental agency is involved, get copies of investigation reports.
  • If it is a big truck/18 wheeler collision, send a letter to the motor carrier demanding that certain evidence be preserved (such as driver’s log book, black box data, witness statements), and send a “go team” of independent accident investigation experts to the accident scene and the location of the big rig as soon as possible.
  • If the accident happened inside a store or in a parking lot, send a letter to store management demanding that certain evidence be preserved (such as store surveillance camera video, witness statements).
  • If necessary, obtain a court-ordered temporary restraining order preventing the destruction of critical evidence.