Examples of Heavy Truck and Bus Cases Handled by the Rodgers Law Firm That Have Resulted in Favorable Recoveries for Ben’s Clients

Bus Passenger Killed in Commercial Bus Accident

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Our client’s mother was traveling from Texas to Missouri via Arkansas on a nationally-known passenger bus after a two week visit with her daughter in Alvarado, Texas. At one point in the pre-dawn portion of the trip near Jonesboro, Arkansas, the bus driver was approaching a T-intersection controlled by a stop sign. The road layout required that, after stopping, the driver had to turn the bus right or left. If he continued forward past the stop sign, he would leave the roadway, hit a bar ditch, and come to rest in a corn field.

Apparently under the influence of “road hypnosis,” he did not respond to the stop sign and drove into the field, wrecking the bus. The client’s mother was ejected from the bus and killed.

Road hypnosis occurs when someone who is driving slips into a kind of trance state because of the constant movement of the car and the monotony of the road going by. You may have noticed that sometimes you may become drowsy while driving or you may not remember driving the most recent mile or so on your trip, or you may even miss your regular exit on the freeway while commuting to or from work.

Suit was filed in Dallas County, the headquarters of the defendant bus owner.

Mother of Two Young Sons Killed in Collision with 18-Wheeler Truck

Blytheville, Arkansas

The mother of two young sons was killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer truck while visiting relatives in Blytheville, Arkansas. We were hired by the boys’ father, a resident of Hurst, Texas, to represent him and his two young sons.

The lawsuit had to be filed in Arkansas, the state where the accident happened and the defendants resided. With the prior approval of the father, we helped the father and sons find an experienced, capable attorney in Arkansas to handle the case there.

24 Foot Long International Box Truck – Intersection Turning Collision with Passenger Car – Two Spinal Surgeries

Fort Worth, Texas

Our client, driving a small passenger car, was stopped in the rightmost lane of two left-turn-only lanes waiting for the red light to change to green. To her left was a 24 foot long, 1990 International Box Truck weighing in excess of 40,000 pounds.

When the light changed, our client drove her vehicle into the middle of the intersection and then began her left turn. Her turn lane took her car into the far right lane as the curved portion of her turn ended. Cars were legally parked all along the roadside to her right. The truck’s left turn lane took the truck into the middle lane as the turn ended. Since she was in the outermost lane with parked cars to her right and the large truck to her left, she had no room to safely leave her lane and take any evasive action in either direction.

The truck driver failed to keep his truck within his lane while he was turning The truck struck the left side of her car with the front right of the truck, causing her body to suddenly and violently bend sideways to the right. The impact was, in effect, a kind of T-bone collision, and the sideways force of the impact on her back seriously injured her. As we all know from experience, the human body cannot bend as much side to side as it can bend forward. The client had to undergo two back surgeries.

Truck Tractor with Oversize Trailer Load, Weighing 102,000 Pounds, “Off-tracks” and Collides with Minivan on S Curve – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Fort Worth, Texas

Our client was driving a minivan taking her 2 young children home from school one sunny, clear afternoon. Approaching her on an “S” curve was a tractor towing a flatbed trailer. On top of the trailer was a huge construction excavator that was 11 feet wide. The total weight of the tractor, trailer, and excavator was 102,000 pounds. Due to the trailer “off-tracking” into her lane, the client’s van was struck by the trailer.

The force of the collision caused a painful knee injury that subsequently turned into an extremely painful condition called “complex regional pain syndrome.” Medical experts said the excruciatingly painful condition was permanent. She underwent multiple medical procedures to try and block the pain.

Collision with Large Crane Truck on Icy Overpass – Traumatic Brain Injury & Herniated Discs in Neck

Bedford, Texas

Bedford was in the midst of a freezing rain early one winter Saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. The rain was freezing as soon as it hit the roadway. Our client’s route to work included a two-lane, one-way bridge overpass from Highway 183 to Highway 121 and then on to DFW Airport. The road traffic was sparse and she was driving carefully and very slowly. Anyone exiting 183 onto the overpass could, before changing lanes to go onto the overpass, see every vehicle on the overpass from beginning to end.

Halfway through the overpass it began to change from a straight path paralleling Highway 183 into a curved shape to cross over Highway 183. When our client’s car reached the curved portion, her tires lost traction and she began sliding toward the guardrail on the left side of the overpass. During the slide her car did a 180 degree turn so that her headlights were facing toward oncoming traffic.

Two other cars then stopped behind her on the right shoulder. All 3 cars had their lights on. After a few minutes an 18-wheeler motorized crane truck then came onto the overpass, driving down the center line of the 2 lanes, apparently thinking he could drive around the stopped cars. He could not do so and despite the heavy weight of his truck his tires lost traction and he lost control of the crane.

The crane hit the 2 cars on the right shoulder and then crushed our client’s car against the guardrail on the left shoulder. She was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. Her injuries included two herniated cervical discs and traumatic brain injury.

Investigation revealed the truck driver’s license had been suspended in 2 other states prior to the accident for convictions for driving offenses. At his deposition the driver testified that (1) he had driven at least 3 miles on the freeway in the icy conditions, (2) he knew the ice was on the roadway, (3) he knew that overpasses were subject to icing easier and faster than ground level roadway, and (4) he knew icy roads caused tires to loose traction.

He also reviewed the photos taken of the view any driver would have of the overpass and agreed he could have seen the 3 cars looking through his truck windshield before he got onto the overpass.

Our truck safety expert testified that the driver’s view of the overpass allowed him to see the red tail lights of the 2 other cars on the overpass and to see our client’s headlights pointing in his direction while he was still on Highway 183.

Because the lights were not moving he should have known the vehicles were stopped on the overpass. He clearly should have known there was trouble ahead and stopped his truck before entering the overpass.

18 Wheeler Truck Rear-Ends Small Car Driver – Neck Surgery

Fort Worth, Texas

Our client’s small car was rear-ended by a speeding, heavily loaded 18-wheeler truck in rush hour traffic in a construction zone one week before her wedding. The driver of the truck had no insurance. He moved from the area after the crash and later could not be located. The driver’s employer had no liability insurance and an asset check showed the employer had no apparent assets. Initially it looked like there would be no insurance to pay for the client’s extensive medical bills and other losses.

Further investigation revealed that the driver’s employer leased the truck from an out-of-state owner who was a federal motor carrier with a federal operating authority number. Because the door of the truck displayed the truck owner’s motor carrier operating authority identification number, suit was filed against the truck owner under the “federal statutory employee rule.” Under this rule, anyone driving the truck was deemed to be, under federal law, the employee of the motor carrier truck owner. Thus the motor carrier truck owner was liable for any negligence of the truck driver.

The client’s injuries required neck surgery. Suit was settled before trial.

18-Wheeler Backing Across Freeway Exit Causes Car Collision

Arlington, Texas

Our client was commuting from work in Dallas, Texas one spring evening around 6:00 p.m. She exited I20 at the Park Springs exit ramp in Arlington, Texas.

As she exited the highway she saw a 1989 Freightliner tractor with a trailer stopped on the right side of the access road. Suddenly the driver turned his wheels sharply to the left and began to make a left turn across the access road to enter a side road that intersected with the access road. The driver then stopped with his tractor and trailer completely blocking the access road.

Stopping the tractor trailer alongside the access road was expressly prohibited by a “no parking” sign. The trailer was across the road, totally blocking it.

Our client was unable to bring her vehicle to a stop before crashing head on into the left rear of the trailer. The collision severely injured her and damaged her vehicle to the point that it was a total loss. At his deposition the driver admitted he lived a few blocks from the access road and regularly illegally parked his truck along the access road.