Examples of Amusement Park Accident Cases Handled by the Rodgers Law Firm That Have Resulted in Favorable Recoveries for Ben’s Clients

Amusement Park Customer Injured By Defectively-Designed Water Inner Tube Ride

Arlington, Texas

Our client, a slender built woman in her 40’s and her friend went to a water amusement park in Arlington, Texas. One of the rides they chose used large inner tubes, capable of holding up to six passengers, that were sent down a water slide starting at the top of a 70-foot tower and then zoomed over a 300-foot, triple-dip, bouncing course.

The ride had a sign stating “600 Pound Limit” to limit the total weight of all passengers riding in each inner tube to 600 pounds. The park ride attendants were responsible for directing riders as to where to sit and how many could sit in each inner tube.

Our client, her friend, and two very large men, each weighing at least 250 pounds, were instructed by the ride attendant to sit in the same tube. Our client questioned the ride attendant as to why he was not following the posted weight restriction, because the total weight of all four riders seemed to be well over 600 pounds. The ride attendant replied to the effect that it was “its ok, we do it all the time.”

Accepting this reassurance, our client then sat in the inner tube, along with the other three passengers. She grabbed the handles of the ride and waited for the others to be seated. Once the four passengers were seated, the attendant then attempted to send the tube to the release area. However, the tube was so heavy that it would not float over the lip of the loading pool. The ride attendant asked the men to bounce up and down so that they could clear the lip of the pool to go down the slide.

The tube went down the slide and, as she went over the first dip, she was bounced very high, which caused her to become alarmed for her safety and to tighten her grip on the handles of the tube at the bottom of the tube.

As she went over the second slide dip, the tube suddenly made very unusual and unexpected movements, which caused her to be forcefully thrown from the tube and upward several feet into the air. When she came down, she slammed into the side of the slide, landing on her rear end.

She was then washed all the way down the slide by the rapidly flowing water and into the unloading pool at the bottom of the slide. As she came up out of the water, she saw the tube she begin the ride in pass by her in the unloading pool carrying only the two large men. Her friend had also been ejected from the tube.

She suffered a fractured coccyx in the accident, a very painful condition that can last for years. Discovery showed that two other injury lawsuits had been filed before our client’s accident for the same problem with the ride – being forcefully thrown from the ride in a way that caused severe injuries.

Amusement Park Customer Injured By Defectively-Designed Toboggan Water Ride

Arlington, Texas

Our client, a woman in her late 20’s, visited the same water amusement park in Arlington, Texas that was visited by our client described above. She was injured at the end of a 45-foot water slide ride when the toboggan she was riding in flipped after hitting the water at the end of the slide.

Her leg was pulled backward by the force of the water and her foot struck sharp rocks at the bottom of the pool, permanently injuring her hip and ankle.